Like a lot of people that come to this site, I play a lot of video and table-top games.  My work on this site has even landed me consulting opportunities for some video game developers, and I'm a moderator in several online games such as Navyfield.  Below are links, articles, and user's guides that video-gamers might find useful.  If you know of a game that sounds interesting or would like to post a article or user's guide for, email me here.


WWII Online User's Guides

Panzerbüchse 39 User's Guide UPDATED! Panzerbüchse 39 User's Guide  (Italian) by Eymerich
Boyes' .55 User's Guide Boyes' .55 User's Guide (Italian) by Eymerich
Flak36 88mm Users Guide StuG III Ausf. B User's Guide
Panzer VI Ausf. E "Tiger" User's Guide NEW! StuG III Ausf. G User's Guide NEW!
Freighter User's Guide Destroyer User's Guide
Fairmile B User's Guide Fairmile B User's Guide - (German) by Dekumpel
Bombsight Guide by Rameusb5 WWII Online Radio User's Guide (Out of Date)
Paratrooper Guide UPDATED!


WWII Online Articles

Anti-aircraft guns of World War II Online M3 Stuart vs. M3A3 Stuart
Anti-tank guns of World War II Online RDP Campaign Predictions

Navyfield User's Guides

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