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Visual Database of Aircraft Aircraft Comparison  
Visual Database of Vehicles Vehicle Comparison  
Visual Database of Infantry Weapons Infantry Weapon Comparison  
Visual Database of Artillery Warship Comparison  
Visual Database of Warships Anti-Tank Gun Comparison  
Visual Database of Submarines Submarine Comparison  
Visual Database of Bombs Weapon Penetration Comparison
Text Database of Penetratin Data   Engine Comparison
Text Database of Optics Information Optics Comparison
Text Database of Engine Information
Text Database of Vehicles
Text Database of Explosive Ammunition

Historical Data

Battle of France Timeline Aviation Time-line 1940 - 1942
Aircraft Orders of Battle (France - May 1940) Self Propelled Anti-Aircraft Guns of 1940 & 1941
Vehicle Orders of Battle (France - May 1940) FlaK30/38 and FlaKvierling
The Sd.Kfz.251 Armored Personnel Carrier Bofors Naval Variant
German Aircraft Production (1939 - 1945) Wehrmact Radio Equipment
Bofors Naval Variant German FlaK Weapons Chart
German Aircraft Production German Aircraft Weapon Data
Italian Vehicle Production Aircraft Rockets of World War II

Historical Documents

German Light Artillery Manual Courtesy of Ring MAS mle 1936 Manual
Tiger Tank Manual Courtesy of The Desert Fox Châtellerault modèle 1929 Manual
Panther Tank Manual Courtesy of The Desert Fox Dornier Do-217 Manual
Focke-Wulf 190 A-5/A-6 Manual Panzerkampfwagen III Allied Evaluation
Messerschmitt Bf109E Manual Messerschmitt Bf109F Allied Evaluation
Messerschmitt Bf109G-2 Manual Michael Wittmann's Personnel File
Messerschmitt Bf109K-4 Manual

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